“An Approach to Immortality”

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“Whatever you think, be sure it is what you think; whatever you want, be sure that is what you want; whatever you feel, be sure that is what you feel.”   (T. S. Eliot)



“Cherish your friends, stay true to your principles, live passionately and fully and well.  Experience new things.  Love and be loved, if you ever get the chance.”   (David Nicholls, One Day)



“If you announce what you want, if you are clear about what’s on offer, if you set goals … the chances of accomplishing your goal go up, and so does … the chance that you will be disappointed

For many people, apparently, it’s better to not get what you want than it is to be disappointed. The resistance is powerful indeed.

Every time you use waffle words, back off from a clear statement of values and priorities and most of…

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