Dropping 20 pounds in 5 weeks

On the 8th of June I decided to go for a weight loss challenge of 20 pounds in 5 weeks, with and added goal of 25 pounds in 5 weeks if momentum was on my side. I started at 223.6 and 5 weeks later ended at 203.6 . I am very proud of my results and thought I’d share how I did it. This gets geeky, so hold on tight.

I first use a website, (they also have a app) called MyFitnessPal to track my calories. I also use Endomondo to track my exercise. They work together quite nicely and are both free. I did some research for my height and weight and learned my BMR (basal metabolic rate)(good site, bmi-calculator.net ). Mine was around 2230 for the day. That means I burn that number of calories in a normal given day. So to loose I have to go lower. Normal healthy weight loss they recommend about 200 calories below your BMR. I’m anything but normal so I went for a average for 1200-1400 per day. Under 1200 for my height, and my body would go into starvation mode(desperately holding onto fat stores and feeding on muscle first).

Supplements, exercise and what i learned about my body. Along with trying my best to hold a 1200-1400 caloric intake I took Nutrilite® Double X® Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient and  Nutrilite® Ocean Essentials® Balanced Health Omega everyday because what i was doing was not healthy i needed backup. I also took Nutrilite® CLA 500 my reasoning was that it helps to hold onto lean muscle mass during high cardio workloads. Of course I thought like everyone else, I just want to loose fat not muscle. My goal was to get about an hour and thirty minutes of exercise everyday as well. life gets in the way and i averaged 1:15.

week one down 5.8lbs, easy, no. but motivated yes and thought this could be easier than i thought.

week two down 3.6lbs , ok this seems more reasonable, though i liked week one better.

week three down 2.8lbs, uh,,,I need to step it up if im going to hit my goal at all!?

week four down 5lbs! huh, wait a second what just happened?? I stopped taking CLA because I forgot my bottle at home. 

week five down 2.8lbs, and still not taking CLA hoping for a big number again. Work got in the way and i only averaged 45min of exercise per day this week.

Questions or comments, feel free. I’m heading off for vacation for two weeks then going on a 10 week muscle gain program, and yes I’ll post when its done.