Planning and setting goals.

Greetings friends. As some of you know, I am a planner. Some people do it timidly. I do not. I plan and set goals one, five, even ten years out and longer. Doing this gives me some clarity and confidence into the future. It also gives me peace and patience that what I’m doing today matters.

I plan very detailed sometimes. By breaking down larger goals into simpler tasks it gives me quick wins. It also helps me feel like my accomplishments matter. For me, that’s great motivation.

What I have learned from keeping a daily planner is to set goals. Big and audacious goals on occasion. It is the exercise that matters. Not all your goals will succeed one hundred percent, but it’s moving forward towards that goal, even if it fails or you pivot before you accomplish it, that matters. This will teach you so many things and take you places you’d have never been otherwise.

I encourage Franklin Planner, though the brand or style you choose is all yours. I do not get paid or reimbursed by them in any way. I just love them. (Actually they are giving 15% off to new accounts right now. 9/29/2020)

A couple tips:

• Use only one planner. You could go old school and use paper, or do it online. Keep all your notes together either way.

• Write down your goal and look at it often. It should be simple enough for a sentence, but powerful enough that if I ask you about it, you would talk passionately about it.

• Make your planner your happy place. A place you want to spend time. A place where dreams and reality come together.

• A goal that you don’t at least move forward on at least once per week is not a goal, but a wish. Don’t expect someone else to care about your goal more than you.

Remember to dream big and set long range goals and visions for your future.