Why I chose E*Trade

Greetings friends.

I chose E*TRADE about five years ago. It seems so long ago now with all the world has went through since then. At the time, they were advertised as the cheapest broker for what I wanted. It was $4.95 a trade, buy or sell. My buy and hold mentality fit that strategy.

Now in 2020, trading is free in so many places. There are a lot of options for brokers. T.D.Ameritrade, ScottTrade, Acorn and the list goes on. (Please look at fees.) But, I continue to stay with E*TRADE for other reasons. Having a checking, savings and brokerage account all at one location makes financial transfers quite easy.

My first individual Roth account was there, and it is where I learned quite a few stock lessons. It has been quite enjoyable experience overall, though from what I hear, results vary.

I still recommend them. It is not just out of me knowing them quite well as a platform. Opening accounts is quite simple. They offer quite a bit of free training. They have some fees for the more nuanced tools and guidance. In that regard I’m more a fan of Seeking Alpha anyway.


I also want options when I leave employers to transfer of 401k accounts to something accessible and familiar.

I’m not sure I’ve made my case for them in the way I thought I would, but in the end I do put my trust in them and their new owners Morgan Stanley