Food inflation

Quoted from the Epoch times this is a both worrisome and helpful. It is always good to know the underpinnings of these issues. A Wal-Mart CEO is a good source.

“Top executives at Walmart highlighted the issue of elevated food inflation during a recent conference call while also pointing out that inflation in dry groceries is a much more significant problem compared to fresh groceries. President and CEO of Walmart U.S. John Furner highlighted a few key details during the earnings call, noting food inflation has been the most stubborn of all the categories when it comes to inflation. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon also pointed out that there is a difference in inflation between dry groceries and fresh groceries. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, annual inflation in January 2023 came in at a decades-high 6.4 percent, which does not capture the massive inflation among some food items; for instance, chicken was up 13.8 percent, potatoes by 12.4 percent, and eggs coming in at 70.1 percent.”

We speak louder with our wallets than with our mouths. Use each dollar wisely my friends.


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